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January 19, 2016
What Do Boy Scouts and Physician Practices Have in Common? Navicure’s ICD-10 Post-Implementation Survey Tells Us!

By Ken Bradley
If you ask 10 people off the street if they know the Boy Scout motto, it’s a pretty safe bet that all of them can recite it: “Be prepared.” And it turns out Boy Scouts and physician practice teams have something important in common: They take this motto quite seriously and they know how to put it into …

December 11, 2015
Walking Lunges and Jumping Rope: How Weight Loss and the ICD-10 Transition are Similar

By Ken Bradley
Round one includes three circuits of walking lunges with a kettleball exchange, push-ups and jumping jacks. Round two is three circuits of lunge jumps, kettleball squats and pull-ups. Then you jump rope for three minutes. And then, you start it all over again.

December 2, 2015
Is Your Team Ready for Crayons and Cupcakes? Keeping ICD-10 Momentum While Recharging During the Holidays

By Ken Bradley
Thinking back to your elementary school days, do you remember the last week of school before Winter break? There was a lot of artwork, construction paper and crayons. You may have even had at least one party with cupcakes and mayhem.

November 30, 2015
Eight Weeks In, Does Your Team Suffer From Kalnienk? Steps to Embracing the Bigger Picture with ICD-10

By Jim Denny
Kalnienk vision, more commonly known as tunnel vision, is a legitimate medical condition, not just a phrase. In fact, its ICD-10 code is 368.45, and with the volumes of work required to prepare for ICD-10, it’s been easy to catch a case of it.

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