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No sooner than October 1, 2015, the now-familiar ICD-9 codes will be replaced with ICD-10 code sets, which include more than 69,000 CM codes and 72,000 PCS codes. So what does this mean for your organization? It means a costly transition that will impact reimbursement and will cause you to rethink all business processes. The following resources are available to help you know what steps to take and when to take them so your practice is ready for ICD-10.

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ICD-10: 8 Steps to Ensure Transition Success Will your practice sink or swim through the ICD-10 transition? These 8 steps will help ensure your transition success.


ICD-10: The Good, Bad and Ugly Learn the good, the bad, and the ugly now that ICD-10 is in full swing.
ICD-10: Last Minute Tips for October 1st Learn what steps to take to mitigate reimbursement delays in this
90-minute webinar recording.

ICD-10-CM Three Months Out Learn where your organization should be three months out of the October 1, 2015, ICD-10 implementation date.

Strategies for ICD-10 Appeal Success Learn how to make your appeal process ICD-10 ready in this webinar recording.

ICD-10 Q&A Expert Panel Hear expert answers to your ICD-10 questions in this 90-minute webinar recording.

Protect Revenue and Be Ready for ICD-10 Learn what your practice should know from a clinical standpoint, how to access your training needs and vendor preparedness.

ICD-10 Six Months Out – Are You on Target? Ensure that you’re on target for a successful ICD-10 implementation
ICD-10: Time Is Ticking – Make Sure You’re Prepared Learn what your practice must do over the coming year to ensure that the transition to ICD-10 goes as smoothly as possible
ICD-10: It’s Time to Dive In Webinar In this overview webinar, learn how ICD-10 is different than ICD-9, plus benefits, documentation examples and more.
ICD-10: Deadline May be Closer Than it Appears Webinar Learn what steps your practice should be taking to ensure that ICD-10 helps - and doesn't harm - your practice's revenue cycle.
ICD-10: Evaluating the Impact on Your Revenue Cycle Webinar Learn how to evaluate the potential financial impact of ICD-10, develop a transition timeline and prepare for potential cash flow disruptions.
ICD-10: A Guide to a Successful Transition Webinar Learn how to effectively train your staff and what steps to take for ICD-10 revenue management success.


Frequently Asked Questions Your one-stop destination for CMS’ resources and answers to the most frequently asked questions.
Family Practice ICD-10 Cheat Sheet Your virtual cheat sheets for selecting the appropriate Family Practice specialty coding.
OBGYN ICD-10 Cheat Sheet Your virtual cheat sheets for selecting the appropriate OBGYN specialty coding.
Orthopedics ICD-10 Cheat Sheet Your virtual cheat sheets for selecting the appropriate Orthopedic specialty coding.

ICD-10 training to assist small physician practice managers - Overview  An introduction to ICD-10 for the small physician practice.  

ICD-10, The Provider Perspective  This presentation provides an understanding of the nature of ICD-10 as it relates to providers as well as an understanding or how to move through this transition in the most positive way.

Clinical documentation; Supporting good patient care and proper coding in an ICD-10
This presentation reviews the role of clinical documentation in the ICD-10 transition.

Practice Managers Guide to ICD-10  This webinar provides you with an overview of billing and coding scenarios that will help practice managers understand and prepare for ICD-10.

ICD-10 Flexibility FAQ Sheet Clarifying Questions and Answers Related to the July 6, 2015 CMS/AMA Joint Announcement and Guidance Regarding ICD-10 Flexibilities


ICD-10 Coalition   The Coalition for ICD-10 promotes the critical importance of ICD-10 to improving quality measurement, public health surveillance, clinical research, and healthcare payment through research, education, advocacy, and mobilization.

Survey of ICD-10 Implementation Costs in Small Physician Offices  These results represent the most comprehensive and current data on the ICD-10 implementation costs actually being incurred in small physician practices.

Healthcare Organizations’ ICD-10 Readiness Survey This presentation recaps the key findings from the August 2015 survey, along with action items to help prepare for the transition.

ICD-9 to ICD-10 Mapping ICD-9 to ICD-10 Mapping by Chapter. A reference sheet for mapping from ICD-9 to ICD-10 by chapter.
ICD-10: The History, the Impact, and the Keys to Success White Paper Understand how ICD-10 will impact your revenue cycle and business operations.


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ICD-10 FAQs Frequently asked questions about ICD-10, ICD-10 implementation, and how it might affect your practice.
ICD-10 Glossary A list defining key terms and organizations related to the ICD-10 transition.
ICD-10 Hub LinkedIn Group Join the ICD-10 conversation, ask questions or just see what others are saying about the transition.
ICD-10 Hub on Twitter Follow the ICD-10 Hub on Twitter and be the first to know about the latest ICD-10 news and resources.
Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services Visit the CMS website for a complete list of ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS code sets and official ICD-10-CM guidelines.


Additional information can be found through the following websites:


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